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Exmouth to Broome: The Warlu Way

While Karijini National Park is often the highlight of most peoples’ trips to the Pilbara, there are many more places in this massive region of Western Australia that are worth a visit. Following what has become known as the Warlu (“sea serpent”) Way from Exmouth to Broome will take you

A Wanderer’s Guide to: Exmouth

There are few places in the world that you can just walk off a perfect white sand beach into crystal clear ocean and snorkel and dive through one of the most stunning and pristine fringing reefs you’ve ever seen. The Ningaloo Reef has countless spots where this can be done

Carnarvon to Exmouth: The Coral Coast

If you know anything about us, you probably know that we love the ocean and reefs, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise how much we were looking forward to reaching the Ningaloo Reef. The Ningaloo Marine Reserve is a World Heritage Area that covers over 300km of coastline from